More sketching

You might remember that my last post showed a group sketching at Castle Rising, with everyone peering into the distance at – what? Well, as you can perhaps see from my own demonstration sketch, it was a distant church that could just be glimpsed between a couple of trees.

Sketch of church near Castle Rising
St Felix church, Castle Rising. Pen and wash sketch on Langton rough paper 12ins x 9ins.

That’s the great thing about painting on location. If there’s a tree in the way, just take it out, or move it to one side. Here, I’ve attempted to make an interesting sketch by using several simple devices. I ignored the small trees that were at the edge of the field and let the eye go through to the church, which I emphasised by making it a little bit larger than it actually appeared, and used the pen to give it a distinct outline. I made sure that it made a good light to dark contrast against some trees behind it. I painted quite a lively sky, and then finally added some interest to the foreground with a few dry-brushed marks on the green field.

All very simple, and somehow much easier to work out when you’re actually on the spot rather than working from a photograph. Why not get out with a sketchbook today!