Long Shadows

I’m still busy with preparations for the Dersingham Art Trail weekend which is from Friday 29th November through until Sunday 1st December. Five studios will be open, including my own of course, so you can wander round lots of different artists. Two other painters are taking part, Marty Griffin and Mike Smith, plus photographer Jo Halpin Jones and potter June Mullarkey. Do try to visit if you get the chance! You can find out about all the Art Trail artists at DersinghamArtTrail.org by the way.

Meanwhile, at the coal-face of watercolour, here is another “atmospheric” painting that I will be showing. I love to use a really limited palette of colours and this work, Long Shadows in Misty Fields, uses just two, blue and orange. These are strong complementary colours so work quite powerfully in combination. I photographed these trees on a muddy farm lane near Ringstead Downs, Hunstanton and knew that one day they would make a painting. And here it is.

Long Shadows in Misty Fields
Long Shadows in Misty Fields. Watercolour 14ins x 10ins

When the Geese Fly

November in Norfolk and the pink-foot geese are in full flight. They roost out on the mudflats and fly inland to feed so there is a constant procession of skeins of geese to be seen, coming in early in the morning and flying out as the sun is setting.

I’ve made quite a few atmospheric paintings of the geese flying over the fields or the marshes and here are two new ones that I’ve just completed. The sunset scene is entitled When the Geese Fly – at the End of a Winter’s Day and I hope I’ve captured the feeling of stillness on the beach at sunset, with just the great empty space and the haunting call of the geese as they fly back to their roost. The other painting, When the Geese Fly – Dawn on the Marsh uses a very cool palette of colours to give a more chilly early morning feel. Prussian Blue and Manganese Blue are the two main pigments used.

Both of these paintings will be on show over my Open Studio weekend from the 29th November until the 1st December 10am – 4pm each day. I hope you can make it along. See my Contact page for the location.

Geese at Sunset
When the Geese Fly – at the End of a Winter’s Day. Watercolour 14ins x 10ins
Geese at Dawn
When the Geese Fly – Dawn on the Marsh. Watercolour 14ins x 10ins

New Gallery

A couple of pen and wash paintings for you here. They are both very recognisable Norfolk scenes, or at least I hope they are – Cley Mill, and Wells Harbour. I painted these pictures in response to an enquiry from a new art gallery soon to open in Sheringham, up on the North Norfolk coast. I went to see the owners, Tony Randall and his wife Isabel, and they have agreed to show six pen and wash paintings of mine.

Windmill at Cley-next-the-sea
Sunshine on the Mill, Cley-next-the-sea. Pen and Wash 9ins x 7ins

The gallery will display both original artworks and small antiques, so it should be an interesting browse if you are in the Sheringham area. It is due to open in a few days time and is located at 3 Sheringham High Street, right down the bottom near the sea, a blue shop-front on the right hand side. The gallery is over the top of a nice tea shop too!

Pen and wash of wells harbour
Wells Harbour from East Quay. Pen and Wash 10ins x 8ins