Demonstrating at Wymondham

A few days ago I drove over to the pleasant town of Wymondham, Norfolk, which is home to the Wymondham Art Society. It was an evening watercolour demonstration and I had been asked to do a coastal scene in the Style of Edward Seago. I’m a great fan of Seago’s watercolour paintings, they look so simple, but they’re not. Everything is designed to create the atmosphere that the artist was seeking and executed with minimal brush strokes and a very limited palette of colours. Seago’s skill at making the mark with the brush is legendary, but I did my best to show his techniques.

I was made very welcome at Wymondham and there was a jolly good crowd of fellow artists there, so obviously the Society is thriving. Lots of interest in Seago’s techniques and generally a very lively evening. Thank you all, I look forward to seeing you again in the future!