From the Exhibition – Four from the North – Sunday 15th June

Here are some more paintings that I am currently showing in my Stephen Martyn at 21 exhibition. They are all scenes of the Northern England landscape, where I love to go hiking and have done so for many years.

Catbells from Skiddaw is a well known Lake District view from the summit of one the the highest peaks – Skiddaw, or Skidder as the locals say it. A long old haul up to the top and a very warm day when Margaret and I ascended this peak. Great views though. I took some photos because there were too many flies buzzing round on the summit for comfortable sketching. Why so many flies on the top of a mountain? Probably someone dropped their jam sandwiches!

painting of Catbells, Lake District
Catbells from Skiddaw. Watercolour 28 x 18cms.

Painting of Rain Clouds over Ingleborough
Rainclouds and Light – Ingleborough. Watercolour 33 x 25cms.

Painting of Ladder Stile
Ladder Stile near Ingleborough. Watercolour 50 x 37cms.

Painting of Great Shunner Fell
The Pennine Way at Great Shunner Fell. Watercolour 67 x 50cms.

Rainclouds and Light says it all. A wild day, with Ingleborough in West Yorkshire in the distance where, maybe, the sun is shining. On another trip to Ingleborough, in 2004, I sketched this ladder stile near the village of Clapham. This painting, made in the studio, was later selected for exhibition by the Royal Watercolour Society in London.

Finally, a view of Great Shunner Fell which is a huge hill on the Pennine Way. It forms the link between Wensleydale and Swaledale and makes a grand walk if the weather is good. Which is rarely, of course! I walked the whole length of the Pennine Way in 2005 and, nine years later, I think my feet have just about recovered.