At the Grand Canyon

We’ve diverted off Route 66 to return to the Grand Canyon which we visited last year. Despite having been here before the views are still breathtaking. This is one place you must come to if you are a lover of the landscape and even more so if you are a keen walker.
Our hiking has been a little upset by having a puncture in our rental car, which involved a lot of waiting about for someone to change the wheel. Needless to say I tried to do this myself, but could I get the wheel nuts off? Eventually a good ol’ boy in a pick-up truck came and did the job for us. But we will still have to go to Flagstaff tomorrow because now we have no spare tyre. Ah well, just one of those things.
Today, we hiked the South Kaibab trail from the South rim of the canyon down to Skeleton Point. A truly great walk with amazing views all around. At the Point there was just time for a quick ink sketch of the view down to the Colorado river before the plod back to the top. This is about half way on the trek down to the river and it took five hours with stops. Phew! But it was worth it.