Sketching in Turkey

We’ve been away for the past couple of weeks, hiking part of the Lycian Way, which is a long-distance footpath along the south coast of Turkey. Very hot, even at this time of the year!

I always take a sketchbook and pens with me on these trips, although often there isn’t much opportunity to stop and sketch. We were walking in a group, organised by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, and with twenty people chatting away it can be difficult for the artist to find a bit of peace and quiet.

Doorway at Kayakoy
A doorway in the ruined village of Kayakoy, Turkey. Ink on A5 cartridge paper.

However, the Lycian Way trip was not just walking, there were opportunities to see several historic sites. Roman, Greek and Lycian stonemasons have all left their mark on this landscape. We visited a ruined village, Kayakoy, not far from Fethiye, and while others in the party scrambled over the ruins, I managed to sit down and do this ink sketch in my A5 cartridge paper book.