A quick sketch

Margaret and I have been away for a few days, down to Kent. One of those trips that starts with “we’ve got a few days free, where can we go?”. After a bit of thought we decided on Kent, simply on the basis that we hadn’t been there before, at least not for many years. A few minutes, well hours actually, on the internet and we’d booked an hotel near Canterbury. The Pilgrim’s Rest at Littlebourne, which we can definitely recommend as being warm, comfy, and providing an excellent breakfast!

sketch of oare creek
Oare Creek near Faversham. Pen and Ink

We got out and about walking as much as we could, although the weather was pretty awful on our first day. But later on it brightened up and we enjoyed trudging the footpaths round the area. Of course, I had my eye out for interesting sketching subjects, as Kent is Rowland Hilder country and Rowland is one of my watercolour heroes. Hilder sketched and painted all around the area in which we stayed, and on the Sunday we found ourselves at Faversham, walking beside the creeks which abound in that area. I spotted some old posts sticking out of the mud and knew I’d seen them, or something very similar, in one of my Rowland Hilder books. It was pretty cold so I took a couple of photos and later did this little ink skech that you see here. I enjoyed doing it, and that’s the main thing, perhaps the only thing that matters. It may or may not become a painting later on, but it was fun. Never forget that!