Across the Wash

The Wash, our local piece of water, has been in the news lately with extensive flooding in some areas. Luckily, the Stephen Martyn Studio remained high and dry, although in 1953 the water reached to within a few yards of where our house now stands. A disturbing thought as the tidal surge was supposed to be bigger than ’53! However, the sea remained well over a mile away, thankfully.

The Wash from Green Bank Road
The Wash from Green Bank Road. Watercolour 15ins x 22 ins.

Thinking of the Wash reminded me of this painting, which was actually the last one to be framed before my Christmas Open Studio. It shows a view of which I am very fond, with Holme-next-the-sea church and the Wash beyond. It has a high point of view, which can be obtained from the eastern end of Green Bank Road, which runs from the top end of Ringstead village east towards Thornham. It’s a green road and overlooks the fields leading to the sea. Maybe 100 feet or so above sea level, it counts as a big hill in this part of the world!