Heritage paintings

Following on from the painting of King’s Lynn Customs House that I recently did with my Thursday afternoon group, I asked the group members to choose a view of another Heritage building of King’s Lynn and have a go at it using the techniques that we had just explored.

Here are a few of their paintings, which show the variety of subjects chosen and the skill with which they were rendered in watercolour. I’m sure that some of these will find their way into a local art club exhibition in due course. Well done everybody!

Red Mount Chapel
Red Mount Chapel painted by Adie
Trues Yard
Trues Yard painted by Gill
Lattice House
Lattice House, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn painted by Jenny
Marriotts Warehouse
Marriott’s Warehouse, King’s Lynn painted by Jo
Dukes Head Hotel
The Duke’s Head Hotel painted by Paul
View of Pilot Street
Pilot Street, King’s Lynn painted by Liz
Another view of Pilot Street
Pilot Street, King’s Lynn painted by Tim
Hampton Court King's Lynn
The Entrance to Hampton Court, King’s Lynn painted by Pat
St Margarets Church King's Lynn
St Margaret’s Church painted by Mike