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About my student groups and their work

The Customs of King’s Lynn

My weekly watercolour group has been tackling one of the iconic landmark buildings of King’s Lynn just recently. The Customs House was built in the 17th Century, when Lynn was a much busier port than it is now. The Excise men have long gone, but the tourist Information Centre puts the building to good use these days.

King's Lynn Customs House painting
A view of the Customs House at King’s Lynn. Watercolour 14ins. x 10ins.

Often painted by local artists, I realised that I had never undertaken this view until now, so here is my own effort at it. It’s quite a challenge to draw accurately, but my students did well with it and used the resulting skills to paint their own choice of heritage building of King’s Lynn. I will be reviewing their efforts in the group tomorrow and will post some photos of them a little later.

You never know what’s round the corner

Very wintery conditions here in Norfolk, with quite a bit of snow on the ground. I should have been starting my weekly group at West Norfolk Arts Centre this afternoon, but it has had to be delayed. No not snow, but the health of the unfortunate tutor. I am having to undergo emergency eye surgery to repair a detached retina in my right eye, so I’m going to be out of action for a week or two, maybe more.

painting of heron
The heron waits for his supper. Watercolour on 140lb Arches NOT paper

My apologies to everyone booked on the course, but I promise to back with paintbrush in hand as soon as possible! Meanwhile, here is a small taster of one of the subjects coming up this term – the heron patiently waiting for his supper. I love simple paintings of an interesting shape silhouetted against a sunset. I first painted this scene many years ago and recently found a version of it among some old works in the bottom of a drawer. We’ll put in some trees and more reflections when the group comes to paint it but in the meantime you might find some inspiration here for a composition of your own. Keep practicing!